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This website is dedicated to the emerging Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) proposed by Roxhill Developments, known as ‘Northampton Gateway’. The proposals meet the definition of a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, and the application has now been accepted by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) – further details are provided on other pages of this website. The examination process, led by PINS, will begin later this summer – details will be provided on this website, and on the PINS website once the dates have been finalised.

The project proposes a new strategic distribution site adjacent to Junction 15 of the M1 in Northamptonshire with new warehousing and a new rail freight terminal.

Integral to the proposals are significant improvements to Junction 15 of the M1, a new bypass to the village of Roade as part of a package of other highways works on and around the A508 corridor and at M1 Junction 15A, as well as significant new landscaping and tree planting to substantially screen the site from surrounding communities.

Further details of the proposals are provided on the Overview page, with details about national policies regarding rail freight and other relevant issues found via the Policy Context page.

As a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) the proposals have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination before determination by the Secretary of State. More information about the NSIP process is provided on this website. The final application documents and plans will be made available via a new page on this website to coincide with the formal issuing of notices which is being arranged now (mid-June, 2018).

The Planning Inspectorate also has webpages dedicated to the Northampton Gateway project, and the application documents are also available there – this can be found here.

DCO Application Accepted - 15th June 2018

In advance of submitting the application, Roxhill undertook three stages of public consultation – Stage 1 was held in December 2016 - January 2017, Stage 2 was held between October 2017 and November 2017, and a further, focused stage was held in December 2017 – February 2018. The results of these consultation processes are reported in the Consultation Report which forms part of the application, and will be added to this website along with the other final application documents.

The Application has now been accepted by PINS for Examination and formal notices of acceptance will be issued very shortly which will mark the beginning of a period in which representations can be made directly to the Planning Inspectorate, not to Roxhill. Details of how to do this will be provided on the Consultation Page of this website, and on the PINS website.

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