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14th October 2019

Development Consent Granted for Northampton Gateway SRFI by the Secretary of State.

The Northampton Gateway SRFI was approved by the Secretary of State on 9th October 2019. Development Consent was granted following a recommendation to approve the proposals from the Examining Authority. Details, and all relevant documents can be located on the PINS website.

8th August 2018

Relevant Representation Period Ends

The timeframe for registering as an interested party has now closed. PINS will now appoint an Examining Authority who will set a date for the Preliminary Meeting, which is expected to take place in early October 2018. Further details will be posted on the Planning Inspectorate website.

The Examining Authority, once appointed, will carry out an initial assessment of the application and the Relevant Representations received.

All parties who registered during the “relevant representation period” will receive an invitation to the Preliminary Meeting. It is not essential to attend the Preliminary Meeting and an interested party will still be sent details of how to take part in the Examination whether or not they choose to attend the Preliminary Meeting.

The PINS website will publish the Examination Timetable after the Preliminary Meeting. This will, amongst other things, set deadlines for receipt of detailed written representations and for comments on the relevant representations made by other interested parties.

If you have a legal interest in land affected by a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and:

  • have not been identified by Roxhill; and
  • did not register to become an interested party before the deadline,

then you can make a request to the Examining Authority to become an Interested Party under s102A of the Planning Act 2008.

28th June 2018

Formal notices of acceptance

Roxhill has today formally given notice of the acceptance of the application for Development Consent Order by the Planning Inspectorate. Formal notices have appeared in local and national newspapers, including the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, and displayed in various locations around the site. Hard copies of the application documents have been deposited at locations close to the site – details are provided on the Accepted DCO Application page of the project website, and on the PINS website.

Representations on the Application should be made direct to the Planning Inspectorate. A representation giving notice of any interest in or objection to the Application must be made on an “Application to Register as an Interested Party (Relevant Representation) form” which can be completed online on the Planning Inspectorate website at or obtained from the Planning Inspectorate by telephoning 0303 444 5000.

The Planning Inspectorate’s Advice Note 8.2: How to Register to Participate in an Examination (February 2017) provides further guidance on how to register as an interested party and make a representation and can be accessed here.

Forms must be completed online or sent to The Planning Inspectorate, National Infrastructure, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, Bristol BS1 6PN. The Planning Inspectorate project reference must be quoted in any correspondence; the reference number is TR050006. Any representation must be received by the Planning Inspectorate no later than 5 August 2018. Please note all representations will be made public by PINS.

18th June 2018

Accepted DCO Application

Having received the application from Roxhill in May, following a review of the submitted documentation PINS has accepted the Northampton Gateway application for examination. Formal notices will be sent to consultees in the coming weeks, and notices will also published in the local press and placed around the site. The examination process will begin later this summer. The following stages of the process are now led by PINS, not by Roxhill.

This project website will be updated including sharing of the final, submitted application documents ahead of a relevant representation process. The PINS website is also being updated to provide the same application documents.

Further details of the examination process will be published on this website, and on the PINS website, once key dates have been determined.

22nd May 2018

Following completion of the Stage 2 Statutory Consultation process, Roxhill (Junction 15) Ltd has now formally submitted the Northampton Gateway SRFI Development Consent Order application to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). The full suite of application documents, including the final Environmental Statement, Transport Assessment, and details of the proposed highway improvements was received by PINS on Monday 21st May 2018.

PINS now has 28 days to check the submitted documents before deciding if they can formally Accept the application.

Further updates, and the full application, will be posted on the conclusion of the process in June.

14th March 2018

Strategic Transport modelling and proposed highway mitigation overview

View documents

18th December 2017

Further Public consultation

A further, focused consultation process is being held by Roxhill to ensure local awareness of several minor changes made since the Stage 2 consultation process ended. Details are provided on the Consultation Page of this website.

31th October 2017

Public consultation

Public exhibitions were held as follows:

  • Hilton Hotel, Collingtree – Monday 9th October, 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • The Royal Oak pub, Blisworth - Wednesday 11th October, 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Milton Malsor Village Hall - Friday 13th October, 2pm – 7-30pm
  • Roade Primary School – Saturday 14th October, 12 noon – 5pm
  • The Forum, Moat Lane, Towcester (SNDC Council Chamber) – Friday 20th October, 2pm – 7pm.

There are no further exhibitions planned however if you require any further information please contact the consultation team using one of the following methods:

By the Website: Via the comments form.

By Post: Northampton Gateway SRFI c/o Oxalis Planning Unit 7 Wheatcroft Business Park Edwalton Nottingham NG12 4DG

By e-mail:

By telephone: 01788 538 440

Please be aware that responses will be made public.

10th October 2017

Stage 2 - Consultation Documents

The stage 2 documents are now available to view on the website.

View documents

6th October 2017

Public consultation

The second stage of public consultation begins on 9th October 2017 until 24th November. A series of consultation events are being held (dates and venues below), and comments can be made via this website – please see the ‘Contact’ page.

Public exhibitions are as follows:

  • Hilton Hotel, Collingtree – Monday 9th October, 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • The Royal Oak pub, Blisworth - Wednesday 11th October, 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Milton Malsor Village Hall - Friday 13th October, 2pm – 7-30pm
  • Roade Primary School – Saturday 14th October, 12 noon – 5pm
  • The Forum, Moat Lane, Towcester (SNDC Council Chamber) – Friday 20th October, 2pm – 7pm.

21st July 2017

Roxhill Update - Newsletter

This Newsletter seeks to update the community on the work that has been being undertaken to inform the Northampton Gateway proposal, including some of the changes that have been made. It also sets out the likely programme for future work, consultation and submission of the application.

Download Newsletter

18th July 2017

Roxhill Update

Roxhill is now consulting South Northamptonshire District Council, Northampton Borough Council, and Northamptonshire County Council on a Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC). A SoCC is required as part of the NSIP procedure to set out how the Applicant intends to consult with the community as part of the statutory consultation process. In preparing the SoCC the Applicant is required to seek views and comments from the local authorities (they have 28 days to provide any comments). Once finalised the SoCC will be posted on the Northampton Gateway project website.

25th November 2016

Public consultation

Roxhill is holding three public consultation exhibitions to share early information about the proposals and to update people about the ongoing work to prepare an application for development consent. The initial consultation events are being held as follows at the Hilton Hotel, Collingtree:

  • Monday December 12th, 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Tuesday December 13th, 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Wednesday December 14th, 1.30pm – 7.30pm

Public consultation events will be held again when we have progressed further and have a fuller understanding of the likely detailed effects of the proposals with a final version of the Environmental Impact Assessment available.

Any comments on the initial project information are required by 16th January 2017.

5th November 2016

Public consultation

Public consultation is being planned, with a first phase programmed for mid-December 2016 – details will be posted on this website in due course.

20th October 2016

Environmental Statement ‘Scoping’ Report submitted to PINS

The ‘ES Scoping Report’ was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) on 20th October. The report sets out the intended scope of work and assessments for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and builds on the ES Scoping exercise undertaken in 2014 associated with earlier development proposals in this location. PINS will now assess the Scoping Report and consult with all relevant statutory consultees, including the local authorities, many of whom have already provided input regarding the various environmental and other assessments direct to the applicant. A formal response will be prepared by PINS and published within 6 weeks of receipt of the Scoping Report.